Hold & secure

A Hold and Secure procedure is called during any situation where individuals in a populated area may be in danger should they leave the building. Regarding a College campus, there may be a police incident in the area, but no direct threat to the institution.

As a precaution, police will contact the College to advise a campus to enter into a Hold and Secure procedure. Entry points to the buildings are locked and regular campus activities can proceed. Students and employees remain in the building until advised it is safe to leave and Security monitors entry points. As soon as police are able to lift the Hold and Secure restriction, they will notify the College.  Students and employees may be directed by Police and Campus Security to exit the building, and the campus, via a prescribed route intended to enhance safety.

Any other hazard that constitutes a health or safety risk should individuals not remain in the building may invoke a Hold and Secure including: wildlife hazards (e.g. bears, cougars, coyotes).

What to Do During a Hold and Secure Procedure?

  • Remain in the building and proceed with regular campus activities
  • Keep calm and stay updated
  • Remain in the campus building until you are advised it is safe to leave

Communicating a Hold and Secure

A Hold and Secure alert may be issued through our public announcement system, DC Alerts (text, email, voice messaging), campus security, or a campus administrator. An 鈥淎ll Clear鈥 message will be issued by these same methods when the situation is resolved.

Information will be broadcast through DC Alerts (text/SMS, voice message, e-mail), posted on the College website, email and press releases.

Information will be available on the College Info Line: 1-877-679-0823.

If you are approached by the media, refer all 新加坡六合彩官方网站 related media questions to the Vice President, External Relations and Advancement.